Easy / No Hassle

We have designed the whole process to be extremely easy on you and your family. We have families too and know how important it is not to disrupt your time with them. We are in and out in a couple of days. We keep the jobsite clean and act professional.

Local Solar Experts

As our name implies, we are Solar Experts for New Jersey and the surrounding area. We understand how solar works in this part of the country, from the best designs and equipment for our climate and an understanding of local government programs, and the best local funding sources.

New Generation Financing Options

A Solar Company

Solar Experts Solar Purchase

Best Solar Value

If your looking for a  lease or a power purchase agreement we have the best in the state. If you would like to own your own system we have no money out of pocket financing package and you can keep your own Solar Renewable Energy Credits or we will buy all 15 years from you.

That's Right for You!

We have developed the best value solar packages for the residential and small business market. Our Whole focus is to get you into high quality solar energy that will generate long term, cost efficient, energy savings for your home or your business.